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Zombie Fallout 3 -- The End

Continues Michael Talbot's quest to be rid of the evil named Eliza that hunts him and his family across the country. As the world spirals even further down into the abyss of apocalypse one man struggles to keep those around him safe.
Side by side Michael stands with his wife, their children, his friends and the wonder Bulldog along with the Wal-Mart greeter Tommy who is infinitely more than he appears and whether he is leading them to salvation or death is only a measure of degrees.


5.0 out of 5 stars Thank you sir, may I have another?, March 19, 2011
I have to admit that I am a fan of the Zombie genre, but even if I weren't, this series would still appeal to me. Characters you can feel about and actually put yourself in their place, an antagonist as ethereal as she is horrifyingly evil, and yes the obligatory gorefest that this genre demands. I must admit to a slight tinge of fear at this point, my fear is that some day Mr. Tufo would say to himself "I don't want to write any more of these Zombie Fallout stories." Pray with me Dear Reader that that day never comes. I have become as much a part of the Talbot family as Tommy (you gotta read the story to get that one) and would miss them dearly if they should go away. BUY THIS STORY AND THE ENTIRE ZF SERIES RIGHT NOW!!! seriously.... do it.

5.0 out of 5 stars Best zombie book!!!!, August 14, 2011
If you consider yourself a lover of anything Zombie this series will NOT disappoint.!!!!
I have read a lot of Zombie books but few have reached the caliber of the Zombie Fallout series. This book has a little bit of everything to satisfy your need for anything zombie. If I were to imagine what a real zombie apocalypse would be, this book nails it. I very much enjoy that it has a humorous side. Yet, don't be fooled because it still maintains a horror element. There have been parts I've read that have really scared me. I think Mark Tufo's descriptions are perfect. I have never had a problem visualizing the different scenes in my head. I think what I love best about the Zombie Fallout series is the funny observations he has about things that we can all relate to. I would think that in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, we would still think and worry about different things and that is exactly what Mark Tufo captures. I think this is the most realistic book about how we would react/behave when surrounded my Zombies.

I also REALLY like the story line and all the characters in teh book. Mark Tufo as a writer and as a person is pretty damn cool! He is so good to his readers. He maintains regular contact with his readers and really seems to value our opinions. He is so down to earth. If you love anything Zombie, you MUST read Mark Tufo's books.
I read each of his books in one day. They are that addictive. I can't wait for the 4th book in the series!!!!!
This is the kind of series that you never want to end!!!!!

I hope they make these books into a movie!!!! That would be amazing!