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Zombie Fallout 2 -- A Plague Upon Your Family

This story picks up exactly where book one left off. The Talbot family is evacuating their home amidst a zombie apocalypse. Mankind is on the edge of extinction as a new dominant, mindless opponent scours the landscape in search of food, which just so happens to be non-infected humans. In these pages, are the journal entries of Michael Talbot, his wife Tracy, their three kids Nicole, Justin and Travis. With them are Brendon, Nicole’s fiancée and Tommy previously a Wal-Mart door greeter who may be more than he seems. Together they struggle against a ruthless, relentless enemy that has singled them out above all others.

The Talbots have escaped Little Turtle but to what end, on the run they find themselves encountering a far vaster evil than the one that has already beset them. As they travel across the war-torn country side they soon learn that there are more than just zombies to be fearful of, with law and order a long distant memory some humans have decided to take any and all matters into their own hands. Can the Talbots come through unscathed or will they suffer the fate of so many countless millions before them. It’s not just brains versus brain-eaters anymore. And the stakes may be higher than merely life and death with eternal souls on the line.


5.0 out of 5 stars Terrific sequel to the series..., December 31, 2010
This is a fantastic sequel. It's so much fun to walk in the mind of our hero once more. Once again I was drawn in and hooked, unable to put this book down til life forced it out of my hands. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Waiting on pins and needles for the next installment.

5.0 out of 5 stars best zombie story, January 7, 2011
I enjoyed the first book so much I got this one right away to read. Both books are excellent, entertaining, funny, and you just want to keep reading until you reach the end. They should make a zombie movie with is story. Please write more books.

5.0 out of 5 stars Damn good rread!, October 5, 2010
Zombie Fallout 2 "A Plague Upon Your Family" not only picks up where the first book left off, it pretty much picks up the whole zombie fiction genre then drops it on it's collective ass. I don't know which has more twists, the storyline or Mike Tolbert's psyche. I read this book in one day, not because I had nothing better to do, but because once I started reading it, I felt like I was betraying every character in the book if I didn't stick it out with them for the duration. Mark Tufo's raw and real writing style makes you feel less like a reader of a story and more a participant who is being brought up to speed as to what they missed while out looking for Pop Tarts. The strangest things creep into your mind during stressful times and Mark's exploration of these seemingly absurd things make me chuckle. "OK, maybe I'm not the only guy that thinks about sex, sex, food, sex and sex" during a life threatening situation. A damn good story from the most natural storyteller I have ever read.