Let’s start with the basics, my name is Mark Tufo (although if you navigated to this site I’m sure you’re already aware of that). I have been a professional author for not very long, although I have been writing stories since I was a kid. One day about 5 years ago I was looking in my garage for some doo-hickey that I’m sure fixed a whatchamacallit, when I stumbled across a story I had started writing in college called Indian Hill. Life being as life is apt to be, I had completely forgotten I had ever written it. I dusted it off and brought it inside completely forgetting what it was I was supposed to be fixing in the first place.

‘What’s that?’ My wife asked.

‘Old story I started writing in college.’ I told her as I sat down on the couch to glance over my hand written pages.

‘Are you going to finish it?’ She asked.

I think I may have looked up at her with glazed over eyes, I can’t be sure. ‘I guess.’ I told her without much conviction.

I did finish it and another and on my hard drive they would have languished for another 25 years if my wife hadn’t asked what was I going to do with them now?

‘Why absolutely nothing.’ I responded aghast. ‘I can’t let anybody see these. What if they’re not good enough? I don’t handle criticism well.’ I told her.
‘Stop being a baby.’ Was her no-nonsense reply.

So we put that story up and then another one and then another three, another five. Folks started to read them, some loved them, and  told their friends who in turn got the books . I wholly believe in ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained’ But I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you I’ve lost a lot of sleep on each and every book that I’ve released, hoping that the majority of those that peruse my pages enjoy my tales! So thank you for stopping by! And welcome to my world!

(Please note we are not responsible for any counseling you may need after reading any of my books, or extra blankets you may have to purchase so that you can hide under them, we just can’t be held accountable for that kind of thing!) ENJOY!

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