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Indian Hill Trilogy

This trilogy of books is about an unlikely cast of characters thrust into an unlikely set of circumstances.

Indian Hill - Encounters:   Book one opens up with my main character(s) coming of age in their respective dysfunctional families and ends with a daring escape attempt.

Indian Hill - Destinations :  Book two continues the saga, as a wary Earth prepares for a full scale invasion and ends with one female’s desperate bid to cross the country in these most perilous of times.

Indian Hill -  Conquests:  Book three is still under construction but suffice it to say that it will involve numerous battles, feats of heroism and self-sacrifice.

Indian Hill Pictures

Below are a few pictures of what remains of the old Indian burial ground, unfortunately it was deemed as prime real estate and developed upon. As far as I know, no new possessed house movies are coming out anytime soon. Indian Hill was and still is (in our hearts) a very special and spiritual place, we did a lot of growing up there, I miss the energy of the place, the only other place I was ever able to close in on that type of feel was in Mesa Verde, CO. If you have ever been there or sometime in your life can get there you will know what I mean. Thank you for coming to my page (and hopefully you will enjoy my story.)

Plimpton Street entrance Plimpton Street entrance
Path on The Hill First ascent
Indian Hill pond Pump House


Q: How can we contact you?
A: Quite a few ways:
I'm available here through the contact page
I'm available on Facebook Mark Tufo
I'm also available on my blog at: http://zombiefallout.blogspot.com

Q: How many books are going to be in the Zombie Fallout Series?
A: At least 6 but that remains to be seen.

Q: I don't have an e-reader, are your books available in print?
A: All books are available in print through Amazon.com,BarnesandNoble.com or marktufo.com

Q: Are you a full time Author?
A: I "retired" from Corporate American in July 2011 and write full time now

Q: Will you read and edit the book I am working on?
A: Unfortunately I am unable to read others works before being published for obivous reasons. I am unable to edit even my own work and have hired a pro.

Q: Who is your favorite character in Zombie Fallout?
A: Henry of course.

Q:  Will you sign my book?
A:  I have autographed copies available on the book page or if you own the book already I would be happy to send you an autograph sticker.

Q:  How long does it take to receive my autographed book or signed prints.
A:  It takes around 14 business days as they are print on demand items